A shower screen can be installed in any bathroom. No matter the size is too small or too big, this shower screen will be an ideal choice for every bathroom.

One of the main important factors about this is you can get it customized as per your wish. We, at Glass DXB is providing many type of shower screens.

Bathtub shower screen: In the bathroom where it has a bathtub, the water get stuck to the whole area or when taking shower the full floor gets wet. So you can avoid this by adding a shower glass over the bathtub. We have options such as framed bathtub shower screen, fixed bathtub scree, movable bathtub shower screen, fixed and movable option, bathtub shower screen with round corner etc. In fact, you don’t have to worry whether your bathtub shower screen choice will be a regret. We can guide you for selecting the apt type for your bathtub screen. As per your bathtub size or bathroom interior the suitable one can be different from these options. As we have years of experience in this field and professional team for technical support. There is no even 1% that you can get a wrong idea from us.

All of our customers are very glad by our assistance. When we install a shower screen we only target to make it a good one and a long lasting one.

Standing shower screen: The design of standing shower screen is the number one widely accepted type of shower glass. The cost is very less and the quality is very high.

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