Pool Glass Fencing

Pool glass are mainly installed as an safety barrier to prevent toddlers or pets from accidently falling into the water. Even though pool glass fencing serves something greater than. Its looks but making sure its aesthetically pleasing is also very crucial. This is because most of the times, an pool glass fencing will almost cover all of the backyard section.

Here are few steps and points to be followed to make sure your Pool Glass Fencing stays shiny as long as it lasts

  • Quality Material:

While installing an pool glass fencing, going for the cheapest option with an contactor may not always end in best results. This simply means that they will drop down the quality of the materials that will be used for that installation. Such as low-grade materials such as profiles, stud fitting and at times even the glass itself.

  • No Strong Chemicals:

There are plenty of products in the market that can claim that they can make your pool glass sparkle. The biggest problem with this is that, at times they consist of very large quantity of strong chemicals which can eat off Chrome finishing of the used fittings.

  • Simple Soap solution:

As simple as it sounds, the best solution that you can use to simple wash away any unwanted dust. And fingerprint marks from the glass is any simple soap solution. That is, simply take a bucket of dish washing or detergent solution and wipe the glass panels and the fittings with an gentle sponge. The sponge will act in such a way that it is removed the unwanted marks at the same time having an gentle effect on the glass itself.

  • Handle with care:

Make sure you do not place any heavy object leaning over the glass fencing. Even though glass used for fencing are thicker and stronger they are not unbreakable. The chances of a glass shattering into pieces are high specially when handled without proper care. It’s also recommended to keep the glass corner safe from any metal object bangs; as it’s the main point to break an tempered glass.

  • Chips and Cracks:

Always look for cracked or chipped corner or edges in your pool glass. In case, there happens to be any chipping or cracks make sure they do not spread to the entire glass panel. And if they are large, its always best to replace the glass rather than letting it be a safety hazard.

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